Georgia Regional Leader

Anu Ramachandiran

Anu serves as the regional leader for the state of Georgia. She is from Duluth and loves learning about code.

New York Regional Leader

Anais Jaikissoon

Anais hopes to be a web developer in the future. She is proud to be Hispanic, Indian, and Guyanese. Anais is also a woman activist.

New Jersey Regional Leader

Anum Ahmad

Anum is a freshman at Noor Ul Iman School in South Brunswick, NJ. She attended Kode with Klossy in the summer of 2018, and immediately fell in love with the world of coding. As an avid activist, she has a passion for creating web apps that bring light to important issues and impact the world. Aside from creating web apps, she loves calligraphy at paper crafting!

Florida Regional Leader

Ruhi Lankalapalli

Ruhi is a 16 year old high school senior from Orlando. When she's not busy with her robotics team, she loves to play tennis and read about the latest and greatest space news. She hopes to go to college for bioengineering and research ways to make the world a better place.

California Regional Leader

Kamilah Morgan

Kamilah Morgan is currently a junior at Hamilton High School. Her first interest in code came quite recently, when she attended a 2 week long coding summer camp. Her eyes became open to all the endless career fields and opportunities that come along with learning to code. She wants to be able to do the same for other girls in her community.

Missouri Regional Leader

Karina Mealey

Karina Mealey is from Saint Louis, Missouri. She is currently a junior in high school. Last summer she attended Kode with Klossy and had so much fun! She would like to help inspire other girls find a passion for coding!

Missouri Regional Leader

Alyssa Pratt

Missouri Regional Leader

Lisa Speegle

Lisa Speegle is currently a senior in high school from Saint Louis, Missouri. She hopes to major in math and computer science in college, and loves to learn about coding in her spare time. She hopes to be able to inspire a love of coding in others as well. 

Alyssa Pratt is from Barnhart, Missouri. During the 2018 summer, she attended Kode With Klossy St. Louis and was immediately inspired to show others the empowerment that follows you when you learn how to code. Alyssa can not wait to show other young girls what the technology world has to offer them. 

Missouri Regional Leader

Christine Oyalo

Missouri Regional Leader

Anna Liner

Anna Liner is currently a senior at Ladue Horton Watkins High School in Saint Louis, Missouri. She has attended Kode with Klossy for two years now and she hopes to major in computer science in college. She is super excited to teach young girls all about how fun and creative coding can be!

Texas Regional Leader

Tracy Wei

Missouri Regional Leader

Cassie Beisheim

Priyanka took her first computer science course in her sophomore year of high school and was immediately hooked. She’s now a junior and loves spending her time learning about and applying coding skills. She is a Kode With Klossy and First Bytes UT Scholar and wants to share her love of tech by teaching and inspiring others. 

Tracy Wei is a 15 year old girl from Houston, Texas who started a girls coding club at her high school. After being introduced to the Technovation Challenge in eighth grade, she gained a passion for coding and creating mobile apps that impact the community through addressing important issues like natural disasters. She hopes to help other girls find this same love for coding.  Aside from coding, Tracy also enjoys art!

Texas Regional Leader

Priyanka Gupta

Cassie Beisheim is currently a senior at Ladue High School in St Louis, Missouri. She is a Kode With Klossy scholar of two years, and is currently in the works of creating an app for her school's journalism program. Cassie is also an avid political activist and member of speech and debate. She hopes to continue her career in computer science specifically focusing on journalism and design. She is most excited to teach young girls the accessibility of coding as well as the doors it may open for combining numerous passions of theirs!

Texas Regional Leader

Marisa Dominguez

Marisa is a senior in high school from Grand Prairie, Texas. She has attended Kode With Klossy for two years where she fell in love with the world of code. Marisa hopes to major in computer engineering. Aside from coding, she loves music, going to concerts, spreading kindness, and dance. 

North Carolina

Regional Leader

Joyce Deng

Joyce is a senior attending Marvin Ridge High School in North Carolina. She loves dancing and is a member of the varsity dance team, and is also an active member of DECA. She is passionate about empowering other girls in computer science!